Welcome to the Island

Build a thriving colony one building at a time. Click to place buildings in the right locations will generate new ones. Keep placing buildings until you run out. Your goal is to reach the highest population possible on your island.


Island Maker was created during the month of February 2022 as part of Ryan's 1GAM. This game was also an entry to the Eggplant Community Jam where the theme was "Fun with Hexes". The excellent games Tiny Islands and Carcassonne inspired Island Maker's mechanics.


Dev: Ryan Kubik

Art: Steven Colling

Playtesting: Brendan McCracken, Mickey Sanchez, Eggplant Show community

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorRyan Kubik
GenreStrategy, Card Game
TagsCity Builder, Hand-drawn, Relaxing

Development log


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Thank you for reporting this! Did the game get stuck like this without you being able to use that last inn?

i stopped to take the screenshot, and had to make a log in so the game got reset, so not sure if i could have placed it

Gotcha! Thanks for this update even still! I’m going to try to replicate and fix it. :-)

if it helps i'm using Firefox 99.0.1 build (64-bit)
windows 10 corporate


Personal best! Population: 23!

Nice! That’s a pretty great score!


remembered the game so decided to give it a quick play. Only got 13 in the daily XD either it is a bad seed or I am forgetting how to play XD

Hahah, welcome back! 13 isn’t too shabby after a month away!


I finally completed the journal 😅🥳 thanks to the dev tip, otherwise I would've been completely in the dark

Congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉

I am still missing the last item in the journal even after many many tries. Any tips 😅?

Also, is there a reason why the rocky seed not in the journal?

Yeah, it’s a weird item! I’m sorry about it! The last one is related to houses and forests.

Ah, the rocky seed not being there is an oversight! I’ll go and add that in. :-)

I think that last journal item isn't loading. I think I've gotten it a couple of times, but it only says 'undefined' and a blank. Yes, I regularly get the witch's hut and have revived it, too, same with the forester.

Also, the way the game distributes mountains makes them too late to be used by any quarries or mines. I think a few adjustments, like ensuring at least some of the fish are next to open water, would make this super addicting. Love hexagon maps, this one's very replayable.

Ah, thanks for that bug report! I’ll have to check it out. :-)

Yeah, the map generation is VERY simple right now. Some little tweaks like that to ensure playability of a given seed is a good idea.

As a fellow gamedev, I forgot to ask you the most important question 😅: which game engine did you use?


Haha, this is a React app. :-)

Awesome 👌

Has anyone figured out what the last symbol on the bottom row is and how to unlock it?

That one is pretty tricky to find on accident! It’s not a very common thing you’d do.

I can give hints (or just tell you) if you want, but I’ll wait to hear back.


My concise, incomplete, guide: 

Place farm next to turnip.

Place quarry next to mountain.

Place mine next to mountain

Place house on top of house

Place lighthouse next to water

Place ship next to lighthouse or fish

Place church (and inn) next to houses

Whenever you place a house, make sure you have two spots next to it (for both inn and church)

Each time you make a correct placement you get more stuff which will prolong the game and help you get to more advanced things

This looks good! You’ve got a lot of the rules down. :-)

Another tip:

DON'T place ships on waves; it makes them capsize.


Managed to get a better score in this seed 🥳


I only got a 10 in today's daily. Need to study the board more 😅

This was a harder seed! There’s not a lot of good open areas for farming and building the town!

Can you add a few zeros to the population so I can feel better about my wins??? :P Awesome game


I can add a x100 setting just for you!

Thanks for playing! :-)


Got 27. The game became much different after realizing the stacking and the usefulness of the bank

Yeah! They change the game a lot! Nice improvement. :-)


Thank you for mentioning the bank because I completely ignored that lol


My best one with 27


Nice that’s a solid run! Cool to see you’re using the house stacking mechanics to good effect too. I’m not sure how many people pick up on those.


New Best at 31!


Big improvement!


Daily challenge (score 13)


Nice! This is the highest I’ve seen reported for today!

Nice ^_^

Btw, do houses have any benefits or bonuses other than increasing population?


Well, there’s a mechanic that isn’t super well explained in game yet (I ran out of time in February!).

But, you can actually stack houses. The church is supposed to hint at this, but it’s too rare right now! I think I saw it in an earlier screenshot of yours.

This stacking leads to some more mechanics. :-)

best run for todays seed hit 9 for me, this is a really cool game

Thank you! Not a bad daily score. :-)

Very nice game! My best score was 15.

Thank you! 15 is very respectable!


Nice game

My best score: population= 10


Nice job! I love seeing pictures of other people’s islands!