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I won, but I'm still missing a command. I unlocked the following: uryc, uryyb, yvfg, haybpx, erpbire, cnefr, vafgnyy, cvat

The commands only get registered by:

gur uryc pbzznaq vs lbh npghnyyl eha “uryc pbzznaq”. V guvax lbh zhfg’ir hfrq gur bar lbh’er zvffvat va gung yvfg gb fbyir gur tnzr.

Answer: zvffvat pbzznaq vf cevag

Fun! I think I won. I assume the only goal is to gain access?

Yeah, you did it! Good job!


I feel pretty Jonny Lee Miller right now -  nice one Morph

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`sulqw` is cursed.

I like the idea, but there are 2 very big problems (imo):

1: As far as i can tell after searching for 20 minutes, there is no clue for wkh dqvzhu ri T1 except wkdw lw lv 6 fkdudfwhuv orqj (zklfk douhdgb qduurzv lw wr 5 dqvzhuv, but brute-forcing feels wrong)

2: Puzzle games should not have trivia questions, they just make the game inaccessible.

is this ROT23 to prove a point about brute-forcing?

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Yes and no.

I wasn't aware that 13 was a standard until now. i would definitely have still done this with that intent.

  1. N ybg bs sbyxf zvffrq gur pyhr sbe cj uvag bar. Vg’f ohevrq gbb sne bss ba na rneyl oenapu va gur chmmyr fcnpr, V guvax. Gur pyhr vf nyfb cerggl HF-pragevp, juvpu V qvqa’g zvgvtngr jryy rabhtu ng gur gvzr. Lbh pna svaq vg ol cynlvat jvgu gur cvat pbzznaq.

  2. V qvqa’g ybir gur gevivn dhrfgvba sbe gur svany cnffjbeq nafjre. Gung’f jurer V raqrq hc jvgu gur gvzr V unq gubhtu. Vs V qvq vg ntnva V’q jnag gb unir zber vasbezngvba nobhg gur pbzchgre’f hfre lbh pbhyq hfr gb penpx gur svany cnffjbeq.

(for others who happen upon this - you can use to decode)

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Y tyt fbqo qhekdt myjx jxu fydw seccqdt q bej, yj mqi kdkiut ie y vywkhut jxuhu mekbt ru q sbku jxuhu.
Y jhyut ydfkjjydw jxu besqjyed yj ekjfkjjut veh jxu iuhluh (ademydw jxqj jxqj cqaui de iudiu). 

Mxqj yi jxu qsjkqb iebkjyed? 

== edit ==

HF-pragevp vaqrrq. V pbzcyrgryl vtaberq gur "BE" orpnhfr v'z abg hfrq gb nqqerffrf pbagnvavat nooerivngvbaf. V jbhyqa'g xabj jung vg zrnag naljnl.

Nyfb zl cevbe rkcrevrapr uvq gur "Cvat Bevtva Ybpngvba" sebz zl ivrj orpnhfr:

1) v fnj gur jbeq "freire" 

2) v fnj n abaybpny VCi4 nqqerff naq cvat pnaabg xabj vg'f bja VCi4 nqqerff

sorry for no rot13 at the top, wasn't aware that was a standard.


Reminds me of old text/html based games, where we hunted for hidden text and links on the screen or secret messages sprinkled between html tags. That kind of nostalgic excitement. Well done!


Looks like I'm better than Morpheus when it comes to Kung-Fu :p

Joking aside, Very interesting game.


Yeah! I'm in!

Very clever text adventure game

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I got a bit stuck at the very end, because at first all I could think of was "vbafgbez".

Clicked eventually, though! :)


😎 I'm in.
This was super fun!


I’m in! Felt like a real hacker, was good fun.


this game was great!  and yes it is impossible to escape vim

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The return of shield OS I see, nice to see it again after Status Code. Great game, even though I haven't finished :)


Hehe, Shield OS is even older than Status Code! Idk why I keep using it, but it feels right. Here’s the first little incarnation. Not really a game at all:

Glad you’re enjoying the game! :-)

I found all three password hints but can't seem to put them together

Have you found all the commands? The way you combine them is a different one.

Yes, I've found all the commands...

how did you find the last 3 commands?
i could only find 6


Gou gur frghc znqr zr rkcrpg V'q unir gb qb fbzrguvat gevpxvre yvxr bireevqr gur pbasvthengvba gb znxr vg vapbeerpgyl cnefr qngn bhg bs n uvqqra svyr. Fun little game though!


That was actually part of my original plan, but I needed to cut a loooot of scope to ship this as a reasonably short experience.

I’m glad you enjoyed!


i never thought i'd enjoy a text adventure


nice, fun to figure out. unq gb thrff gur fgngr, ab pyhr jurer gb svaq gung bar bhg, nyfb zvffrq 2 inevnoyrf ol gur raq.

I'm also missing gjb inevnoyrf, ohg V guvax lbh trg gur fgngr sebz hfvat gur cvat pbzznaq




V whfg ernyvmrq V sbetbg gb nqq n pyhr sbe gur erznvavat inevnoyr. Lbh’q unir gb thrff vg va gur bevtvany ohvyq. V whfg hcybnqrq n arj irefvba jvgu gur uvag!


Nice job, this was great fun!