This puzzle was created for Confounding Calendar 2023. A lot of the clues are puzzle game themed.


  • The ladder is made up of clues on the left and spaces for answers on the right.
  • Each answer is 4 letters long.
  • Each answer will have exactly one letter changed from the previous answer.
  • When you enter the correct word a checkmark will show up to let you know you've found the correct word.

Example Ladder



  • Around half of the answers and clues are themed around relatively popular puzzle games.
  • Ideally, if you're stuck on a clue you can work out adjacent words and piece it together.
  • You don't need to solve every word in order.
  • Not every answer is a dictionary word, but most are.
  • Uppercase words in clues references puzzle games.
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AuthorRyan Kubik

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Tell me about your television career, Mr. Kubik.


That was awesome! I understood most of the references and the aha moments were really nice.

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Thank you for making a word puzzle, I was hoping to find at least one in the calendar!

FYI (if you care), traditional word ladder rules include the restriction that the same position can't be changed in two consecutive words (because that makes all but the last such rung redundant).

Ah, I wasn’t aware of that. There’s a lot of traditional stuff I don’t know about word puzzles. :-)

Glad you enjoyed the puzzle!


Really nice! I loved all the references, so many of my favourite games featured.


Really enjoyed this! It was a fun mechanic to be able to use previous/next found words as a "hint" for the harder ones. Reminded me of some great puzzles games too!


Really fun game!

if you're lazy here are the answers (but srsly tho, try it, its really fun and its not that hard):




Yes, nice fireworks at the end :) 

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why is "you step on these" not lego???
ok jokes aside this game is quite fun!

and nice trick on talos obduction lemmings dorfromantik

haha was the first answer I typed in! LEGOOOO




only knew about half the puzzle games here so ended up having to search online for the second last one and brute force the last (i have literally no idea what the solution to that one means) but very fun!

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return of the obra dinn


you might want to spoiler


oh wow how did i not see this until now... 



most interesting win animation that I have ever seen.


Fun! I had a few sections going strong and try to reason to get from one to the other, which was a fun little puzzle. Plus reminded me of some games I've been meaning to check out

I don't know enough puzzle games to get this


Aw, I’m sorry. :-(

I found it really tough to choose good words and clues for a trivia game like this!

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don't worry I still got 90% of them filled in right now

in fact I was probably lying in my first comment, (there was only two that I hadn't heard of) it's just that most of the things that would remind you of the name are hidden as the answer.


That was awesome


Nicely done Ryan, I had fun with this!


That was fun!  I had to work from the end and go back, and one of them took me way too long but I got there. :)  Nice work!