What is this?

This game stared with the idea of casting spells from ingredients in a match-3 style space. 

I had a lot of fun doodling little pixel art spell casting components, most of which did not make it into this game. 

In the end, I think this idea shows some promise. However, it seems like it will take a lot of work and polish to make it any more interesting than a normal match-3 style game. I will probably not be going down this road any further, but perhaps it will inspire someone else!

What are the rules?

Due to lack of polish time, a lot of the mechanics going on in this game are pretty unclear.

  • Try to get the highest score possible
  • Each column has a heart, if all your hearts are killed you lose!
  • Drag on items to select a spell
    • Dragging is a bit wonky. :-)
    • Click on the heart row to clear your selection
  • Click on a glowing selection of items to cast your selected spell
  • Valid spells are:
    • 1 of a kind: remove the item, take a damage in that column
    • 2 of a kind: remove both items, take no damage
    • 3 of a kind: remove all items, get 10 points each
    • 4+ of a kind: remove all items, get 10 points each, get the special spell effect for the ingredient type
      • leaf: 50 bonus points
      • feather: replace feathers with clouds, clouds disappear next move
      • mushroom: shield the hearts in these columns
      • acorns: remove adjacent items as well


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