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AuthorRyan Kubik


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Really great game, definitely scratching the desert golf itch for me. Only thing I ran into as a problem was not being able to drag a small enough amount to not over shoot the circle if I was already close

I appreciate it!

Adding a “click to nudge” feature is an interesting idea. It’s sort of off the jam theme of “learning to let go”? But sounds interesting to try out I think. It would be kind of like getting onto the green and switching to your putter?

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would love to see a ranking, per level / per game, to see how your final score compares with other players - even if you just made one that was populated by you but looked like other players, so there was some bar to try to beat.

That’s a fun idea. It would be nice to have a little more interesting scoring system.


difficult to play on mobile! A solution I usually see is having a little circle you drag on to drive the swing and you can see the swings line and magnitude on the ball 

Mmm. That’s a good idea! I didn’t really test the mobile controls.


Simple and entertaining ❤👍


I really enjoyed the levels! Slingshotting a strawberry around is super fun.