It's like a dungeon crawler, except you're just spelling stuff!


Spell words using your enemy's letters to deal 1 damage for each letter. Your own letters deal no damage to the enemy.

🧠 You re-use cannot use any words still listed in your memory.

Enemy intents

Enemies show their "intent" below their HP.

For example "2 ⚔️ in 4 🔠" means the enemy will deal two damage to you after you submit 4 letters. If you submitted a 3 letter word, this would drop to "2 ⚔️ in 1 🔠" . So, the enemy will attack the next time you submit any letter.

⚠️ Beware the Bugs and Balance

This one is pretty WIP right now!

  • Very unbalanced
  • Reload page to get new starting class
  • Limited selection of enemies right now, more are planned!
  • Nothing happens when you hit 0 hp, pretend you're dead! (or don't, have fun)
  • The word list is not great
  • There's no feedback on why your word fails to submit
  • Not good feedback on how a word resolves (damage & hp & effects)
  • Some characters don't work exactly as intended right now, I'm planning to clean this up after getting all the enemies in

I'm having fun with this one still, so I'm going to keep shipping updates to address these things. :-)

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AuthorRyan Kubik

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There is a glitch preventing me from leveling up after level 10 and level 15.

Thank you for catching this!

How do I submit words?

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You should be able to press the “ENTER” key or click on the “Fight!” button to submit a word.

If those aren’t working, it’s possible some game rule is preventing the submission.

  • Words in your memory list (recently used) cannot be used again
  • There’s a pretty limited English dictionary that the word must be in
  • A word must be at least the minimum character length for your character’s minimum word stat
  • Some enemies and player characters add other restrictions

Finally, if it’s not of these things, it could be a bug!

No I just can't type anything

Oh, wow. That’s a new bug for me then!

What operating system and browser are you using?

Oh wait never mind I was trying to use capital letters since character and enemy letters are capital :P

Oh wow! That’s a good catch though. Capital letters should definitely also be allowed, haha.


In my 9th fight I am playing SQUIRE against GHOUL (5hp, Curse - Lock player vowels). So, I can't use u,i,e. I feel like it could be an automatic lose as I don't think there are many (if any) English words that are 4 letters and uses only "S,Q,R,G,H,L,O" ... or maybe I am just bad at spelling and finding words XD

Also, there should be a way of paying hp or losing score to have a valid word being recommended to you. So that you can avoid the state of just staring at the screen not sure if a suitable word even exists or not LOL

Ahh, yeah, I was running into that in testing. The NOBLE can really get locked up against enemies like that too.

I do see a SLOG in there though! But still… Your point stands!

After I get the first planned enemy sequence in, I’ve got this sort of thing on my list. I don’t like how you can sort of just get stuck in word games like this. The idea of paying hp or something of that nature to reveal a possible word is an interesting idea. 🤔

I do think GHOUL is always gonna be pretty darn tough as is though. Its ability probably needs to go on an enemy with more letters.


I think this is the first time i heard the word slog 😅. I learned a new English word today 😅👍🏾.

Or maybe you can limit the ghoul to blocking one or two vowels only

just to verify my understanding and experience: 

if the word doesn't use enemy letters it does 0 damage

if I avoid the number of letters mentioned in the enemy attack i will receive 0 hits

Both assumptions/observations are correct?


You are correct on both accounts! The rules are a bit tricky to get at first glance. :-)

The other note worth clarifying:

  • Say your enemy will do: 2 ⚔️ in 5 🔠
  • You submit a 4 letter word
  • Your enemy will NOT attack, but they will update to: 2 ⚔️ in 1 🔠

So, the those letter counts are sort of like a count down.

Also, if you kill an enemy before it’s countdown goes off, or on the word its countdown goes off, they should not damage you.